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A comment received with a recent  book order:- 
 "I went to a workshop recently where the book {"Putting the Brain Into the Classroom"} came highly                    recommended.  Please send +++ copies. Thanks" 
C.T. North Vancouver, BC.

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Comments from participants in a recent (Febuary 2010, Conference in Edmonton, AB)

"Interventions & Strategies for Meeting the Needs of V iolent & Aggressive Students" Session

) A simply awesome session, filled with fantastic strategies and ideas to take  back to my school.
2) Excellent, wished it was longer.
3)Very good -  to (sic) short
4) Very interesting, keeps our attention, extremely nice, gives lots of information ...excellent.

"Building & Maintaining Memory..."  Session

1) Loved it, learned lots
2) Done with humour and personal experience, very captivating.
3) Information was relevant and very helpful.

"Understanding & Dealing with the Mindsets of Nine Types of Bullies"

Good presentation.  I enjoyed the information and look forward to sharing it  with my colleagues
2) I really enjoyed this class, took away a lot of information to take back to school.
3) Filled with information.  I learned  a lot from this class

"Dealing with Anger: Your Anger and the Anger of Others"

1) David was adept at sharing his information at a level participants could comprehend.
2) Very open to questions, very  helpful and friendly, great sense of humour -  positive.
Lots of valuable information and strategies, very  knowledgeable.


Unsolicited comments from SAG conference participants, Winnipeg, MB.,  following the launch of the  one-day 

"Defusing the Bully" workshop.
"Excellent workshop", 
"Awesome, what a knowledgeable presenter!",
 "Extremely valuable. Probably the best and most informative PD (session) I have been to, (in 23 years of teaching)", 

Comments from Participants in the Toronto "Nature of the Brains of Bullies..." workshop.

   "I have attended several anti-bullying workshops but this is the only one that gave me the information I needed and that I can use my in school" F.N.

    "Everyone in my district should hear this {workshop}".

"This is an excellent workshop.  I use material from it every day in my school". 
P.L. School Principal.

"Dave Halstead tells it like it is - real life is so much more exciting than any story one could dream up!  When Dave talks, people listen. He has that ability to take information and help individuals apply it to their own situation. Dimension 11 is proud to recommend Dave Halstead to any of our clients looking for keynote and workshop speakers".
   Sherry Knight, President, Success Source International (Speakers Bureau)  Name used with permission.
Learning Brain Expo attendees, San Antonio. TX
"Awesome" C.S
"Best presentation I attended at the Expo"
" 5/5 Very good content - I enjoyed your presentation especially the information about bullies in school."
BPLG Workshop participants, Winnipeg, MB
"Excellent,. One of the most helpful and thought provoking courses I have ever taken."
"I appreciated having an alternative explanation to violent behaviour.. This information has powerful implications for how we operate schools and educate children.. Thank you for an excellent day."
 CCCA conference participants, Winnipeg, MB

"Great presentation, well organized and very informative"
"This is a very interesting area with important research to back up the new paradigm"


"This two day workshop was good enough to be extended to three days."
   R.M. Regina workshop participant.
"David has a strong grasp of the essentials that he presents. He relates closely to the audience and delivers his message extremely effectively"
   M.S., New Zealand

Participants, LIFT Conf. Brandon, MB.
"You made me feel that I can make a difference".
"Thanks for the info....I know  I'll be able to apply into the classroom."
"You made this a much more useful day than I expected. Wonderful Information." M.G.
Participants, Teacher Assistant Conference, Edmonton.
"Interesting information on brain function, great handout,---sensitive to needs of the participants."
"Very thorough presentation in easy to understand language-- A wealth of knowledge delivered with humour and class"

 Comments from participants at previous Education Minnesota Conferences.
 "Great Presentation - enjoyed it immensely and learned a lot." 
"It was great.  Good presenter.  Lots of very relevant examples." 
"Information that the brain can be physically unable to provide enough control because of stress ... very instructive." 
"I would have liked the session to be longer." 
"Wonderfully researched and presented info". 
"Great visuals & stories".  "Insightful"
"Very helpful - recommend to {be repeated} every year."  "Entertaining style of presenting info". 
"Very interesting information!  Explains a lot".

"You {your session} were wonderful!" D.N. Conference attendee.

"He is a well versed, intelligent speaker.  I will look for him in future presentations".
"Not enough time - had to stand entire time - but it was worth it."

"You had so much to share".


"Excellent course of learning".